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We want to make everything as easy as possible for you, from choosing your T2, to making your booking, to arriving here and setting off safely and in a relaxed (but excited!) way. We offer you a fully equipped, reliable, well prepared, clean and most importantly characterful vehicle for your holiday and all your hire costs are included in the price.

Who are our customers?

Anyone and everyone. Touring Scotland by campervan is a great holiday even in a standard campervan but our customers add an extra dimension by touring in these most characterful of vehicles. Our customers come from all corners of the globe, they are all ages, some come on their own, others as couples and some have children. What they all have in common is the imagination to appreciate how these wonderful machines can take their holiday to the extraordinary.

We love welcoming all nationalities and last uninterrupted year (2019) this was where our customers came from::

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As the UK’s biggest fleet operator of Classic VW T2’s we are in a position where we invest heavily in the fleet and its operation. This investment means that when you hire from us you get top quality vans that are properly prepared, are safe, reliable and ready for your adventure. Don’t take our word for it, click on the link below and have a look at what our customers have to say about us on Google Reviews.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

No, everything you need is included (we pass on the laundry charge if you want to borrow bedding and can hire you child seats if you need – all done at cost though)
No, a 25% deposit secures the booking – the balance is due with 6 weeks to go.
Almost certainly yes. European, US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand licenses qualify automatically. Any others we may need to refer to our insurers – even in extreme cases there is usually a way.
It is about as easy and quick as you would hope. From central Edinburgh we are 32 minutes by train, we collect you to start your adventure straight from the station. We don’t allow pick ups from the airport – part of your handover is a familiarisation drive and this needs to be done on quiet roads.
T2s are from a different era in vehicle design. They are heavier and a little more awkward to drive but they are within the capabilities of everyone. We give all drivers a familiarisation drive to make certain they are comfortable and safe before they set off, some drivers take 3 minutes, some 20, no one has a) not gone and b) in our opinion not been safe driving their T2
Yes, we have dog friendly vans, please note on the Booking Form if you intend to bring your pet. There are a few common sense rules, the dog should not go on the upholstery, should have his/her own basket or blanket (for sleeping) be adequately restrained at all times and not be left alone in the van. There may also be the possibility of additional charges if our cleaners need to do further cleaning.
Yes, 110 miles per day (cumulative ie a total for days hired) Our customers usually average 35 mph on their trip (don’t over estimate the roads in the north of Scotland or the speed of a T2) Three to four hours a day driving a T2 is plenty for most:)
No, they are all manual, if you are not comfortable driving a manual you may struggle with a T2
This is your choice, during very busy periods in areas with few campsites it may be prudent. Most people don’t and prefer a less structured itinerary taking their chances.
In Scotland generally yes and this is a highly recommended way of maintaining flexibility. A strategy of a couple of days wild camping then 1 night in a campsite is a typical strategy. We have extra information on the site explaining this.
Calmac Ferries and some campsites will ask you a vehicle length and a registration number to make the booking. A T2 is 4.5m in length, 1.75m wide and requires 2.2m of headroom. If you click on the 'Campervans' dropdown list at the top of the homepage all the vans are pictured with registration plates on view.

Yes, research shows you are likely to have a very good time 😀

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What our customers say

“absolutely brilliant from start to finish, Boris was fabulous”

“We took Tilly for 16 days all around the North Coast and out to the islands – this was a totally unforgettable holiday and we recommend to all”

“this is the only way to tour Scotland, other drivers were waving at us (or Tilly more accurately:)) we felt like celebrities”

“Horace was easier to drive than I thought, lovely and clean and had the fitout and equipment we needed to enjoy our trip”

“The whole experience was excellent from start to finish, start being the helpful information Ian the owner patiently supplied as we planned our trip”

“what an experience! Perfect, thank you!’

“a fantastic experience, helpful people at the company and our van Tilly was even better in real life than the photos! We will come back one day, thankyou!”

“Thank you for a brilliant holiday, I have always had a thing for classic campervans, Gina was absolutely superb and didn’t put a foot wrong in our 2 weeks”