Trip Planning

Classic VW Type 2 hire has by its nature some important differences compared to the hire of a modern campervan.

Specifically, the lower average speed and less refined ride means that touring trips involving large distances in one day are not as easily accomplished as in a modern vehicle and should not be attempted without allowing sufficient time. 

For this reason the cumulative (trip total) mileage allowance is 110 miles per day. This means for example that a full trip around the North Coast 500 requires a minimum of 9 days as it is a 930 mile round trip from Edinburgh and a trip to the Isle of Skye requires a minimum of 6 days etc. By making this booking the hirer confirms that they have calculated the likely trip mileage and it is within allowances.

In a T2 less is more, much better to take your time and absorb the special places. If you are time limited we also offer modern campervans under our Puffin brand which are more suitable for higher mileage tours of a shorter time duration. This does not mean that a T2 is not capable of extended long range tours – it is, with no problem – it (and you!) just need sufficient time.

Trip distances can be calculated by use of the AA Route Planner which has a mileage calculator function.

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