Select a van with the steering wheel on the correct side for you – we have both Left Hand side and Right Hand side options.

For all hirers of Classic VW T2’s it is important that driving expectations are realistic when compared to the act of driving a regular modern vehicle.

One important consideration when choosing which Classic T2 to hire is deciding which side you sit and steer from – and importantly therefor which hand you use to change gear with. Since around half of our customers are European/US/Canadian (and therefor native left hand side drivers) we have T2s that drive from the left hand side. For native right hand drivers – UK/Aus/NZ – we have T2s that drive from the right hand side.

In the first instance drivers should select their choice of VW Type 2 based largely on current driving position familiarity.

This removes the overload of changing gear with your unfamiliar hand, in our experience it is safer, easier on the van and more enjoyable for the driver. There is very limited downside to driving a Left Hand Side T2 on tight single track Scottish roads and you won’t be overtaking much.

If the driver only has experience of driving from the left seat and changing gear with the right hand then it is recommended that a left hand drive van is selected.  You can see van driving position details in the individual van descriptions.

This advice is not definitive but given as guidance based on our extensive experience but much will depend on the individual driver. For example, a regular driver who is routinely driving with a manual transmission should in theory be able to drive from either side and changing gear with either hand. However, where there is any doubt our advice is keep doing what you already know and choose your van with the driving seat that you are familiar with.

In general, hirers of VW T2s should be reasonably confident and experienced drivers. They should be driving regularly and/or confident of their ability. Drivers should understand that the combination of unassisted steering, seating position and gear changes do place extra demands on the driver. If you do not regularly use manual transmission vehicles you may struggle with a T2.

It should be noted that the Classic VW Type 2 design has reduced driver and safety aids. They have no power steering or anti lock brakes or modern crash protection features etc.

Before setting off each driver will receive a full briefing and a familiarity drive. The purpose of this is to safely start the process of adapting a new driver to driving a classic T2 before starting the trip.